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As regular readers of the blog will know, I am going through a career change, moving into property from my current role in financial services.  The first 5 months of this transition have been exciting, challenging, enjoyable and terrifying.

Prior to getting started on my property journey I thought of myself as a reasonably organised person, with the support of my wife Elaine, generally able to juggle a busy work-life with home life.  The excitement and busyness of the first few months kept me going, and helped me feel that I was pushing on with the business and starting to gain pace on my journey.  However, as things have started to get busier again in the day job, and the excitement of the initial 3 months in property started to feel more normal, I realised that there were times where I was losing focus and concentration, and both roles were suffering as a result.  I was getting distracted, making mistakes and “flying by the seat of my pants” a bit from time to time.

The “Eureka” moment for me was the monthly franchise seminar with Sourced HQ, where our training director talked about one of the other franchisees who was struggling with focus and accountability.  This was a franchisee whom I looked upon as having hit the ground running and who seemed to be doing a great job.  I realised that I was in a similar space.  Drifting from one task to the next, without any real structure in my days and weeks, and although still achieving, not being 100% clear on what I would achieve each day, week or month.

Now the next part seems really simple, which has actually stopped me writing this blog on a couple of occasions.  But at risk of stating the obvious, if you are going through a career change, there are 3 things that I would suggest:

  1. Set clear goals. Look at the short, medium and long term.  Be ambitious, push yourself, but be really clear on exactlywhat you want to achieve
  1. Structure your week. Especially important when juggling 2 jobs.  Giving the week structure allows you to focus on what you have identified as the key activities to securing your goal for the period you’re focusing on.  It also helps you avoid distractions that will undoubtedly come along – although I also recommend you learn quickly to realise when a seeming “distraction” could actually be the very thing to help you towards your goal…
  1. Be accountable. When starting up in business it can be easy to put things off.  Find someone to be accountable to e.g. a mentor, a business coach, a partner.  Deciding what you are going to do and making it visible helps you to be accountable.  Few people like to fail against something they told people they were going to do.

These things may seem simple, but it’s often difficult to see the wood for the trees.  Taking time out to do this simple organisational planning has helped me be much more focused and productive over the last few weeks.  Long may it continue.

As always, please get in touch with comments, suggestions, or if you want any help with securing investment property opportunities in and around the Edinburgh area.

Angus Gunn

Sourced Edinburgh

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