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In the past few years I have been looking at getting into property (Read my previous blog here). However, finding a way that would enable me to give up my day job and move full time into this exciting sector, seemed impossible.  I looked into various training courses, joint ventures with friends, doing it alone, but nothing seemed quite right.  When I discovered the Sourced franchise model in October last year it all just clicked.  It gives me the freedom of running my own business (a key factor for me) but also provides a framework that will support me as I grow the business quickly (impatience is one of my personality traits).  So, after various discussions, emails, legal reviews and other due diligence, it became obvious that this was the way forward for me.

After my decision, and what seemed like an eternity (only about three weeks in reality) I ventured down to Sourced HQ for a very intensive induction week.  Was I nervous? Absolutely.  I am venturing outside my comfort zone of 20+ years of experience in financial services and doing something which although very familiar to me in a personal capacity, is completely new professionally.

In the induction week, the long (but interesting) days were jam-packed full of useful lessons from industry experts, practical exercises, coaching on compliance, classes on how to source deals, practicing on how to run the numbers, the list goes on. It was an absolute roller coaster, one minute I was feeling like it was all a bit much to take in, the next I wanted to get out doing deals, meeting people, refurbishing properties, building houses… Did I mention that I’m impatient?  My over-riding feeling at the end of the week was determination.  I’m passionate about this new venture and absolutely determined to help people through property, at the same time as building a fulfilling, family-friendly career for myself.

The last three weeks feel like they have disappeared in a flash.  I’ve been out and about meeting people, finding and reviewing deals, visiting properties, attending networking events, being active on social media.  It’s fair to say there have been a few sketchy nights of sleep, my head spinning with numbers, ideas and plans, but it’s been hugely positive.  Now I am looking forward to getting the first few deals over the line.

I will end this blog with a shout out to a number of people in the Edinburgh property community that have already been hugely supportive. They’ve taken time out of their busy schedules to meet, chat, introduce, guide and generally be good to me.  I won’t name them all individually but you know who you are!  Hopefully this is the start of many fruitful years of working together and helping our clients navigate the Scottish property market.

If you’d like to chat further around how I can help, get in touch using the details below.

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