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Military to Property – My Journey

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I want to begin this mini-series of Bolton blogs from the start, not the opening of my life but the beginning of my fascination and passion for property.

I’m not from an estate agency or property background at all. I’m a military man. But a specific tour of duty saw me read “The 3+1 Plan” by Brett Alegre – Wood and that sparked my latent interest in property – to such an extent that now, after a decade of service, I work full time in property in Greater Manchester.

Being in the military was incredibly satisfying but came with many sacrifices. I lived in basic conditions in some inhospitable places like Afghanistan, the Falklands, Canada and Cyprus. Whilst also previously travelling vast areas of the world on a shoe string, for the best part of 5 years. These nomadic years all formed part of my passion for property – and not just from reading that initial book, or the many others since.

The military life shaped my mentality.

Training and learning was a huge part of the job especially in the initial year of my military career at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Applying those lessons and taking action was central to army life.

It’s something I’ve carried out into property.

At some stage everyone needs to take a leap of faith and mine was in the Buy to Let investment market – using my salary to finance deals along with help from my brother and his team of builders. I found the properties, he renovated, whilst local letting agents managed them.

I learned a lot from this, even hundreds of miles away, and the casual partnership between me and my brother quickly cemented itself into a stronger alliance and we formed a business together.

I continued adding to my skill sets that were acquired abroad, whilst juggling full time employment with an interest that was to become my longer term future.

Property, like the military, has its own language, its own set of specialist vocabulary. I had to learn about what STAs (Shorthold Tenancy Agreements), EPCs, deposit protections, gas and electrical safety, right to rent, inventories as well as the Housing Act of 1988.

Like learning techniques in the army, these had to be absorbed and put into action promptly. Which leads me to my final point: taking action, consistency and unwavering determination are key to achieving your goals.

In my next blog I will give you some of the highlights of my journey in the early days.

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