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Don’t Get Disowned by Your Property Parents

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So, 3 months have passed since I started my new journey in the property world. It’s amazing how much a week of training can actually give you but what’s even more amazing is the support.

I often see online, people who have spent thousands of pounds on property courses but then felt like they have been ‘disowned by their parents’ and left to go it alone. Sourced is different. Ongoing support is vital in the sourcing game. Many independent sourcers I speak to are doing really well but always have a missing piece of the jigsaw. They have properties but no investors or they have investors and no properties. Sourced have both and they’re not afraid to prove it. But, the little bit of icing on the cake is support.

Sourced add value to everything they do using their years of experience and knowledge. In addition to that, they have recently signed up a new director purely for franchisee training and support. (Chris Kirkwood – the new Training and Development Director).

With all the things I have learnt, I probably could go it alone. But why would I? Why wouldn’t I want support? Why would I choose to struggle?

My pipeline of properties has grown massively, and the investor leads they produce alongside my own are vital. Add that to the other franchisees in the network across the country who throw up investors and properties and it’s a great team. The future looks good!

If you are looking to invest in Manchester and the surrounding area, please get in touch using the details below.

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