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This month I attended the property training week at Sourced.

Having made the decision to join the Sourced team, I started property sourcing prior to training. My aim being to add value to the property market in my local area. In my search I found 2 possible opportunities that took quite some time to secure, which did make me wonder whether what I was doing was correct.

To my surprise, during my training I found that what I was doing was exactly right, this has given me the confidence in following my instincts and securing future opportunities. I now know with certainty that I can find sound investment opportunities whether this is for investors or myself, as I would love to create a property portfolio of my own.

Training week has provided me lots of information about licensing, rules and regulations and new/upcoming changes in the Property Industry. I have learnt about different property strategies, how to execute them and ultimately how to succeed in the Property Sourcing world with the support of Sourced HQ and the network of Franchisees.

I did feel overwhelmed with information at first but now I see this as a positive step in my desired career. During the training week I was challenged by Chris Kirkwood our training coach to get out of my comfort zone and to do things that I have never done before, like vloging and how to achieve and maintain a positive mindset.

When I look at all I’ve learnt over training week it’s incredible. Having completed two-degree courses in my late teens/early 20s, I forgot how much I love to learn, and this has reminded me that our education doesn’t stop at school.

I am really looking forward to getting my new business venture off the ground with help of the Sourced Family.

I am hoping to secure more properties in due course and build relationships with investors so that I can work with them for years to come. So, if you are looking to invest in property in South East London drop me a message.

Gosha Doubtfire

Sourced South-East London

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